Welcome to iSpy STI

iSpy STI is a website produced by analysing thousands of clinical case presentations from the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre to provide an easy to use, sexual health symptom checker for people who may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

  • iSpy STI is a symptom checker to help you understand your genital symptoms.
  • iSpy STI is for people who may have a sexually transmitted infection and is not designed for other conditions that also have genital symptoms.
  • iSpy STI anonymously compares your symptoms to an extensive Melbourne Sexual Health Centre database of clinical case presentations
  • iSpy STI will help you work out if your symptoms are similar to other people with sexually transmitted infections.
  • We strongly recommend you see your doctor to have any genital symptoms checked out.

  • Is a public sexual health service that is part of Alfred Health.
  • Specialises in the testing, treatment and management of sexually transmitted infections (STI) with over 40,000 client consultations per annum.
  • Was the Silver Winner of The Victorian Public Healthcare Awards for excellence in enhanced quality healthcare through e-health & communication technology, 2011.
  • Is the creator of ‘Let them know’ a sexual partner notification website for individuals with an STI.
  • Is one of the world’s leading institutions in sexual health research.

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